About Us

We are leaders in both the cosmetic medicine and beauty industries.

While the cosmetic medicine industry is highly regulated, the beauty industry is not.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the two, to provide an ethical medium that benefits the end user to the greatest extent possible. This means better results and safer treatments for you.

While we work directly with patients in our clinics, we also work as distributors for commercial beauty salons and cosmetic clinics.

In our clinics, we treat clients personally. Our staff are fully trained and qualified to operate the latest equipment for your treatment. In addition, our senior staff are medically trained and hold practitioner licences. This means you receive the results you want for your beauty treatment while keeping yourself safe through our medical expertise.

As distributors, we are the only suppliers for a range of cosmedical equipment. Depending on the equipment, they may be available for general beauty salon use or they may be exclusively provided for surgeons.

Do you want beauty treatments that are safe and conducted by fully qualified staff?

Are you looking for hair removal,
tattoo removal, or any other beauty treatment?

Get treated by medical experts and work
directly with industry leaders.

Secure your treatment today.