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About Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Have stubborn areas of fat you just can’t lose?

No matter how many kilograms you burn, hours you spend running on the treadmill or even lifting weights at the gym…

Those crazy love handles, jelly arms, and other stubborn areas of fat just won’t leave you alone.

You’re worried about your waist bulging over the sides of your jeans. The idea of being shirtless makes you self-conscious. And you just want your fat gone!

Or maybe you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks and you want a skin rejuvenation service or a non-surgical facelift treatment.

Are you experiencing any of these common body issues?

  • Fatty upper arms that just won’t get toned
  • Saggy bottom, thighs, or maybe even ‘banana rolls’
  • Stubborn areas of fat in your hip or waist area (love handles)

Spending hours working out every day, restricting your carbohydrates, and just plain torturing yourself…

There’s a better way.

With the latest laser body sculpting technology and techniques…

We help rid your body of stubborn fat, without:

  • Strict diets that completely cut out fats and carbs (and anything tasty)
  • Spending unhealthy amounts of time exercising and damaging your body
  • Taking months to see the results you want (if any at all)

Our team of qualified experts use the latest H.I.F.U. body sculpting techniques for an fast results and low-invasive treatment.

We also offer services for a quick and completely non-invasive treatment.

Are you ready to get rid of stubborn fat and make your body even more beautiful?

Before and After Body Sculpting

Aside from the self-esteem boost and the decreased levels of stress from trying to lose weight -- here are some results from past clients

Want similar results for yourself?

Other Services

Not after laser tattoo removal? Have a look at our other cosmetic services:

Laser Tattoo Removal

Have tattoos you regret? Don’t worry. By

using specialised medical grade lasers, we

can remove them.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Using medical grade H.I.F.U. technology, you

can now enjoy the benefits of a facelift,

without the surgery

Skin Rejuvenation

Improve the look of your acne scars, ageing

skin, or sunspots. With R.F. Laser and E-Light


Hair Removal

Have some stubborn hairs that keep growing back?

If you want a permanent fast solution,

our SHR hair removal is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HIFU body sculpting the right option to reduce fat?

HIFU is a highly effective strategy in fat reduction. you’ll be able to see fast results. Areas
with thicker layers of fat will likely require several treatments,

The biggest benefit of HIFU is that the treatment is given by a trained technician and no part
of the area to be treated is missed. This gives a smoother, more even result.

And with the right maintenance afterwards, these can both lead to long-term results.

But like any form of fat loss, this is very dependent on your lifestyle.

Even if you receive body sculpting, if you go back to a poor diet and zero exercise -- you will gain fat again.

But if you change to a healthier lifestyle, body sculpting can be a very powerful option for reducing fat.

You’ll see results much faster and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat you otherwise might not be able to.

What areas can be treated?

Most commonly treated areas are Abdomen ( mummy tummy ), Thighs – inner &
outer, Upper arms, Back ( bra line) . As it is a treatment that is done by hand we can target a single area to reduce or remove the visual impact of the problem.

Is H.I.F.U. body contouring safe?

With the improvement in technology in recent years, body contouring has become totally safe.

By using the H.I.F.U. procedure, which is non invasive, the risks and side effects are almost non-existent.

But as with any procedure, there are miniscule risks. Depending on the individual, certain underlying conditions and regular medications, H.I.F.U. body contouring may not be suitable.

It is recommended that you book a consultation with one of our staff members to see if body contouring is right for you.

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