I had a HIFU session and was expecting awesome results. I did get

results, though not as good as the brochure, However, I have to take part responsibility as I have a very low threshold and repeatedly asked that you turn down the machine. You did warn me that you could not guarantee the results as we were outside the parameters.

I have no doubt that if I had tolerated the discomfort for those few seconds each time the result would have been much better. Even so my skin looks much better, the wrinkles are certainly smoother and less deep . I have had comments that I look fresher so I know I will come back for another go when I am feeling stronger .

Janet – Clarkson WA

I met you at an expo and was nicely surprised at the quote you gave me on the spot for removal of several layers of work on my hand. A mixture of amateur and semi-professional ‘ art’ .

It was a little uncomfortable in a couple of places but nothing much and gone instantly. Being a red head I did have a few small blisters come up but you did warn me of that and I already had care instructions for that possibility.

My hands will be fully clean and naked for my upcoming wedding, no photoshopping needed.
Thank so much.

Gary – Redcliffe WA

I initially came up for tattoo removal which was only a little uncomfortable due to the position.As promised it only took 5 sessions.

Later I had a session of SHR hair removal. I had previously had IPL a few years ago which did absolutely nothing and hurt like hell, Also I was told I would need 8 to 10 session! Of course I never went back and stayed hairy.

I found that after 1 session of painless SHR the hair was more than half gone, I still haven’t got up for the second session but I will get there soon. I am already thrilled with the results and look forward to being completely hair free after the next session.

Luke – Baldivis WA

Travelling to the other end of the metro area would have been an issue if your service was not exactly as advertised. It is definitely well worth the trip, I found you to be totally honest, both in actually providing the service you advertise, your pricing being totally ethical actually I did not believe your quote as it seemed too cheap compared with others, I was worried you would be a cowboy outfit, I found you to be totally the opposite, Professional, ethical, and 100% honest .

If you go anywhere else you won’t be doing yourself any favours.

Jaswinder – Armadale WA

I had previously had a session with another company and suffered severe blistering, swelling and pain. So much in fact, that it cost me a full swing off work as I was not able to walk for 4 days, or allowed back on site with open wounds. I was terrified and did not really believe your claims of no pain or blistering etc. But with a bad cover up of a bad original I really wanted them gone.

You were very patient and spent a lot of time with me on education and explanation, not allowing me to ‘just do it’.

You insisted on doing a small trial area to prove your claims and settle my nerves.

I was amazed at how different it was to the previous mob, both the time spent on information and how to care for it after each treatment, also the time spent in between sections to endure no blistering. A very different almost enjoyable, experience.

Only now do I understand why only doctors and nurses can offer this service and urge everyone to do their homework properly before having a tattoo removed .

Brendon – Yanchep WA

I had a removal with you after previously visiting another company. Even though we had some issues, you supported me completely as we worked through them and we finally got rid of the green problem !

Ruth – Heathridge WA

I had a very specific tattoo on my inner arm which needed to be removed. I did need 1 more session than expected and was surprised when you honoured your original quote. When you say the price is fixed you really mean it.. Thank you so much, my new partner is very happy and so am i. I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking if getting a tattoo removed.

Richard – Clarkson WA

I had badly done eyebrow tattoo which was tidied up by you. Only 1 session was needed and now I am much happier with the look and don’t have to cover them up with make up.

Rebecca – Morley WA

I had a large tattoo that almost covered my back. I had had several ‘quotes’ and always needed a sit down afterwards.

I was not expecting much different when I saw a brochure from you, but a made an appointment for an assessment anyway. I was floored when you gave me the price as it was at least half of what others had told me. Also you spent the time to explain the process, treatment plan, aftercare etc. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge; This is obviously not just a money making operation.

Explaining the information in both medical and laymans terms as well as some of the background of laser technology gave me full confidence in you.

I have received everything that was promised, the treatment went exactly as planned for, even down to the questionable green ink which turned out to have a blue base and started to go once we changed lasers. Thanks for everything, I am no longer self-conscious about being out at the beach and am happy for you to use this reference publically.

Ben – Padbury WA

I saw you at a 2 day event and booked in for age spot removal. I have to travel down to Perth anyway a few time a year and so came for treatment each time. You always managed to fit me in and I am so pleased that my age spots are all gone after only 3 treatments,

Now you are removing my tattoo and that too is almost all gone after 3 sessions.

Thank you so much for actually delivering exactly what you promise.

Nicole – Karratha WA

I had a tattoo removed years ago and not only was it excruciatingly painful but also left a horrible scar. I was skeptical when I was referred to Jayne at M.T.Medical but my need to remove the ink blotch on my arm was greater than the distant memory of pain.

I was truly amazed at how little discomfort there was during the treatment, and afterwards as well, no scabbing or bleeding, it was just a bit warm for a day, almost like a slight sunburn.

The ink has already dropped out by around 50% after only 1 treatment. I am so happy that I found you guys.

Paul – Ashby WA

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