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About Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Hate the struggle of waxing or shaving every few days?

If you want silky smooth, hairless skin — without spending half an hour in the shower shaving every second day…

Permanent hair removal is for you.

Here are some benefits of permanent hair removal:

  • No more embarrassing nicks or missed spots
  • Save time when getting ready to go out
  • Smoother, clearer skin that complements your skin rejuvenation or non-surgical facelift treatment
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • Cost effective (no more monthly waxing)

And don’t worry men, we didn’t forget about you. At M.T Medical we provide permanent laser hair removal for both men and


Although your hair follicles might be slightly different (and be greater in volume), they still respond the same to our treatment.

Here are some common body parts for permanent hair removal:

  • Backs
  • legs & buttocks
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Facial hair

Are you ready to feel more confident with permanently smoother and hairless skin?

Before and After Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Aside from the saved money and time --

here are some appearance improvements our past clients enjoy

Want similar results for yourself?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is permanent hair removal safe?


Generally, clients experience zero side effects. And if any is experienced, this is usually minor irritation and pink skin.

If this happens, we can recommend you the appropriate creams and home remedies that’ll help you with the healing process.

However, as a precaution we can always test a portion of your skin first. After we’ve confirmed that your skin does not respond negatively to the treatment, we can move forward and treat a larger area.

Is permanent hair removal really permanent?

Yes S.H.R. hair removal is permanent.
Afterwards, the hair should not grow back. This is because once a hair follicle is treated, it is no longer capable of growing hair properly.

However, after an extended period of time a touch up may be necessary to maintain a hair-free body. This is because various hormones in the body might change the state of your hair.

How does permanent hair removal work?

Super heated infra red light is passed over the area to be treated, the heat travels down the hair follicle and causes the root to die off. As not all hairs are erupted at once you will need 2 or 3 treatments in order to become fully hair free.

Does permanent hair removal hurt?

The procedure is painless. You may feel the skin become warm during the process, but this will subside once the treatment is complete. People with very sensitive skin may notice slight flushing but this normally lasts only a few hours.

How much is permanent hair removal?

The cost of permanent hair removal varies according to the area you want serviced.

If you’re targeting a small area, such as your upper lip, it can cost as low as $80.

Larger and multiple areas are subject to discounts. Also take note that our pricing is for the complete service and not a per session price.

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